Hristina Bloomfield

Deeply in the Soul

Xena is forced to run away when she finds out her boyfriend sold her. After years of running, her past finally catches up with her…

The story follows Xena (the protagonist), who finds herself in the situation of a victim but manages to escape. After her boyfriend is unable to return a loan, she is sold to the moneylender who wants her to work for him as a prostitute. She flees her hometown and tries to start a new life, but her past keeps catching up with her. Xena struggles to find her way as each time she gets to a good place, she has to run again. After months of solitude, Xena finally trusts Agent Dobrevski who helps Xena to face her trauma in order to finally live a normal life. The story begins in a small mountain town in Eastern Europe and ends in Cornwall, UK.

The Story of a Thief

Tony was born into a family of thieves. His life seems predestined, until his girlfriend Eva disappears suddenly. For several years he put all his skills into finding her, even working in the police, but there is no sign of his girlfriend. In several of the investigations he leads, Tony works with a psychic who uses Tarot cards. He is so impressed by her gift so he decides to tell her his story with the hope that she will help him to find Eva. However, it turns out that Isabella’s life is no less complicated than his. The two have a lot in common and this creates tension and romance in their relationship. In the course of their investigation, Tony and Isabella discover that nothing is as it seems.


Her life will pass through your fingers as you read this book.

Sixteen-year-old Becky is raped and left lying with multiple stab wounds on the Cornwall coast. Instead of supporting and helping her in this difficult time, her parents send her to London, where her cousin Arnie promises to take care of her. Arnie and his roommates Paul and Alex help her recover. When the police fail to find the perpetrators, the three men hire private detectives to help with the investigation. Becky accepts their help and in time, she and the lawyer Alex become very good friends. The difficulties they have to go through even bring them closer together. Becky and Alex fight both against her abusers and against her family, which keeps causing her trouble. After many vicissitudes, Becky finally finds justice. But fate does not let her enjoy her new life. She experiences loss after loss.


Fifty-six-year-old rock star Kurt and his rock band set up to create their new album in Cornwall. They are joined by the lyricist Leah, who agrees to help them with the lyrics for the new songs. Everything is going well until one night one of the band’s roadie and Leah’s taxi driver are killed. Clues led to two different killers. One wants to kill Kurt and the other Leah. Then both are subsequently shot by a sniper.

The investigation was unsuccessful, and the police inspectors send Leah far away and use Kurt to get the killers to show up.

However, new revelations about Leah’s identity confuse the musician. Kurt’s life will turn in an unexpected direction for him, and new and new revelations will make Kurt realize that he has unwittingly intervened in something from which he will hardly be able to escape.


I will get my daughter back.

Thea is separated from her daughter in the first few hours after her birth. Betrayed by her family and the father of her child, she does everything possible to find her. Thea’s desire to get her daughter back is so great that it surprises not only her family but also the police. An investigation revealed that her baby was one of many children sold over the years.

The traces of the adoptive parents appear and disappear, and finding her daughter turns out to be more difficult than Thea and the investigative team expected. The power of a mother’s love is at the heart of this book.

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